terezan_vortex: (rainy moomin)
2011-04-22 11:06 am

villains and librarians

sent my initial email to the folks on the panels i'm moderating at wiscon! hooray! one's on villains (boo! hiss!) and the other's a chance to ask some of my favorite people in the world (that's right, librarians) any question you can think of. i think we'll have a good time.

despite having a super rough couple of days, and the sky trying to drown my village, i'm doing ok. helps a lot to think about wiscon approaching. excitement is building...
terezan_vortex: (hedgehog)
2011-04-06 05:17 pm

this vortex starts slowly...

i journey elsewhere most times. someday you may find much in this space worth reading.