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Name:terezan vortex
this is where i might sometimes write about stuff. stuff, in this context, will most likely be things along the lines of: writing and reading (mostly speculative fiction), food (growing, making, preserving, storing, and eating same), living in a sustainable demonstration community/ecovillage (perils, joys, pitfalls and more), and what it's like to be me. some labels i allow to stick to me include: feminist disabled bi/pan/queer woman, raised military/working class/catholic, abuse survivor, white european american, bryn mawr college grad (lotta work and loans for that there education lemme-tell-you, but i'm debt-free now and that experience literally saved my teenaged f'ed up life so here's an "anassa kata" to any fellow mawrtyrs out there!), sf fan (little f).
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